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Respect the hustle, respect the skill that is built up through habit, respect the patience, respect the consistency, respect the sweat but don’t respect the talent, it’s god given. It’s like good-looks; it’s handed down to you-what you make out of it, is maybe* up to you.

But respect the…

when my world is burning

a silent mourning

weeps my soul

to a stone-made stone

wishing it was all

a passing wish but all

a dream away thrown

when my world is burning

i wonder where will be

our next have, our easy shelter

hard-skinned cavern-

is it the soul…

Yesterday i woke up

heard the birds singing

i said whatchup with you

whats going on in your mind

little bird friend

whats the wind is saying to your ears

i want to hear too

i’ve got no wings to fly

nor the beaks to sing

but i can change…

when i see the tower of a chapel,
set before the sun and the hazy hills
I can no longer think about my problems

I feel They no longer have the right to reside here
I feel I can no longer be troubled

I say to myself I can no…


But what happened to magnolias
You were so keen to smell on your way to work
Have you needed to change the tires of your car? …

love another woman u ah u ah u ah

Don't you know my child
There are others outside
No need to decide
Which way left or right

You can go ahead on your way
No need to think you are wrong
My child, my child, my child, my child
No need to change your ways
You are beautiful as you are…


I am no longer a teenager
I haven’t been one for a while.
I’m 23 of ages now and for the last 4 years
I have been something else than a teenager.
I think I may have been a young-adult.
Although my teenage hood has been over
The same struggle keeps haunting me.
And I have more…

Brain and Behaivor: Left-over from the last year, this exam i had failed to pass last time i took it. I did not study and while entering the exam i told to my teacher “Im taking this to learn from it, i may fail”. I failed. Exam was oral and…

Erik Uallmuncapt

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